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CBD pre-rolls offer a more convenient option for certain individuals and are also easier to share compared to CBD flower. It's important to note that these pre-rolls feature the same quality cones as those displayed on the CANGETME pages of our Flower products, ensuring consistent quality. When do the effects of pre-rolls typically kick in? Generally, inhaled cannabinoid products like pre-rolls take effect within 1-3 minutes. However, the onset time can vary based on factors such as strain, flower quality, and more. Most strains should take effect within around 5 minutes. If you don't feel any effects by that point, you might consider smoking a bit more. What can you expect from prerolls in terms of effects? The effects of a preroll depend on its cannabinoid and terpene content. For instance, a CBD or THCA preroll can enhance your mood. To gain a deeper understanding of how a specific preroll product will impact you, carefully review its labeling. Additionally, consult lab reports to determine the precise concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the particular preroll product.