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The set includes 4 pre-rolls, each containing 0.65g of pure Alien Haze CBD flowers. This ensures a total of 2.6g of this exquisite strain, known for its unique flavor and effects. The Alien Haze strain in these pre-rolls offers a CBD content of 5% to 7%. This range is considered beneficial for those looking for the therapeutic effects of CBD without a strong psychoactive experience. With less than 0.2% THC



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With our Tom Hemp's CBD Pre-Roll Set of 4, we present a meticulously crafted product designed to meet the needs of those seeking only the finest CBD experience. Everything in this set comes ready to use, with no additional preparation required. The details of this premium offering include: Contents: The set features 4 pre-rolls, each containing 0.65g of premium indoor-grown CBD, totaling 2.6g of CBD flower. It's the epitome of convenience for those requiring CBD for commercial, technical, or scientific purposes. Quality: We offer nothing but the crème de la crème, signifying pure CBD flower without any trim, leaves, or stems. Only the most desirable parts of the plant are used, ensuring a premium quality experience. Strain Selection: Alien Haze, your preferred Tom Hemp's CBD strain, is encapsulated in these abundant cones. This strain has been chosen for its unique properties, offering a balance of effects suitable for a wide array of applications. Indoor Cultivation: Grown indoors under controlled conditions, our Alien Haze CBD flowers meet the highest standards of quality and purity. This careful cultivation ensures consistency, potency, and the best sensory experience. Ready-to-Use Convenience: The pre-rolls are designed for immediate use, without the need for any additional preparation or tools. This convenience makes them particularly appealing to professionals and users who value efficiency and standardization. Legal Compliance: With less than 0.2% THC, these pre-rolls align with many legal standards and are intended solely for commercial, technical, and scientific applications. The product's name and appearance are distinct and used strictly for marketing purposes. Packaging and Appearance: Encased in abundant cones, the pre-rolls not only guarantee quality but also reflect elegance in presentation. Note that the actual flower color may vary depending on the harvest season, without affecting the product's excellence. Environmental Stewardship: We emphasize sustainable practices in our cultivation, packaging, and distribution processes. Proper storage and adherence to local recycling guidelines are encouraged to ensure environmental responsibility. Brand Commitment: Tom Hemp's stands as a symbol of quality, innovation, and integrity in the CBD industry. Our CBD Pre-Roll Set of 4, featuring Alien Haze, embodies our commitment to providing unparalleled products for discerning customers. The Tom Hemp's CBD Pre-Roll Set of 4 is more than just a product; it's a statement of excellence and convenience in the world of CBD. Offering the Alien Haze strain in ready-to-use form, this set caters to those who seek quality without compromise, encapsulating the very best in every cone. Whether for commercial, technical, or scientific endeavors, this set stands as a top-tier offering in the ever-evolving CBD landscape.

The Tom Hemp's CBD Pre-Roll Set of 4 featuring Alien Haze CBD Flowers is crafted with precision for commercial, technical, and scientific applications. The specifications and compliance details are as follows: Intended Use: This product is manufactured solely for commercial, technical, and scientific purposes. Any recreational use, including ingestion or smoking, is strictly prohibited, aligning with its refined and specialized design. Child Safety: To maintain safety, it is essential to keep this product out of the reach of children. Proper storage is vital to prevent accidental access or ingestion. International Transportation: Transportation of this product across international borders is not permissible. Adherence to this guideline is crucial to comply with various international regulations and agreements. THC Content: Containing less than 0.2% THC, these refined European industrial hemp flowers meet legal standards for non-psychoactive substances in many jurisdictions. Product Name: The product's name has no correlation or reference to other products and is used strictly for marketing purposes. This distinction ensures clear identification and avoids confusion with other commercial items. Appearance Variance: Please note that the actual flower color may vary from the images displayed, depending on the specific harvest season. This natural variation does not impact the product's quality or efficacy. Quality Assurance: With 4 pre-rolls, each containing 0.65g of Alien Haze CBD Flowers, quality is paramount. The CBD content ranges from 5% to 7%, and meticulous cultivation ensures purity without trim, leaves, or stems. Legal Compliance: Users and distributors must adhere to all applicable laws within their jurisdiction. Consultation with local authorities is recommended if in doubt, as the low THC content should align with regional legal standards. Storage Recommendations: To ensure product longevity and maintain quality, it should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Warnings and Disclaimers: Unauthorized use or deviation from the specified purposes may lead to legal ramifications. The manufacturer is not responsible for misuse, and the end-user must follow all guidelines. Environmental Considerations: Consideration for the environment is a priority, and proper disposal in accordance with local recycling and waste management regulations is encouraged.