🌿🀞πŸ”₯ CanGetMe sets the standard for B2C platforms Our mission is to offer the highest quality, most innovative and exciting cannabinoid products, to provide growing legal cannabis, CBD, CBG and (THC in the near future) product businesses with the tools they need to better manage their business and accelerate growth. By digitalising the supply and sales chain, we are defining the way dozens, hundreds and thousands of brands, distributors and retailers of legal cannabis CBD, CBG and (THC in the near future) products do business. πŸŒπŸ€—πŸ«ΆWe develop the best community We are shaping the future of legal cannabis, but we also consider the history of the industry. Our values are sustainability, uncompromising quality, fair pricing and complete transparency. Continue initiatives that promote fairness, both for Team CanGetMe and the cannabis community at large. Treat our customers and others in the industry as partners as we grow together. 🍯 πŸ’―πŸŒΏ We are straight-forward We are driven by transparency and trust. This gives us the opportunity to communicate openly, overcoming the inevitable challenges in our ever-changing industry, while at the same time understanding the needs of our customers and our colleagues. At CanGetMe, we convey this directly and approach our business with transparency and respectful candour. 🌿 ⚑️Our History Together with my engineer and marketer friend, I founded CanGetMe with one goal in mind: to optimize and facilitate the quality legal cannabis supply chain. Since November 2022, CanGetMe has focused on creating a platform, CRM system, payment solution, delivery, tools that directly help and empower the legal cannabis community. CanGetMe has always been fascinated by cannabis and, above all, convinced of its positive effects. CanGetMe friends turned to us for help, thereby spurring on the idea of creating a platform. With many years of experience and vast amount of knowledge in this field, CanGetMe partners have achieved what they wanted, and today they can offer their customers what they could only dream of 10 years ago.

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