The solution for the bedroom slump

The solution for the bedroom slump

The solution for the bedroom slump! When you're in love, but the spark has dwindled in the bedroom, it can be extremely distressing. Often, men find themselves unable to perform, and women struggle to relax due to stress, anger, and frustration. The joy of intimacy, every touch sparking little explosions of pleasure, passionate kisses, and breathtaking climaxes that ripple through your body – sex is indeed a wonderful experience. But when things go south, leaving you both frustrated and disappointed, it becomes a point of concern. This is the very scenario that Jannes, 49, and Anne-Catherine, 37, found themselves facing separately. While he struggled with performance anxiety, she had difficulty letting go. Jannes (49): Struggles with performance anxiety "Quality sex has always been a major part of my life, significantly impacting my self-esteem, satisfaction, and overall mood in relationships," admits Jannes. "The first time I encountered a sexual crisis a few years ago, it hit me like a ton of bricks." At the time, he and his wife had an excellent sexual chemistry after being together for eight years. Their lovemaking was intense, passionate, and uninhibited. However, one fateful night, Jannes struggled with maintaining an erection, which carried on into subsequent attempts. "I was beside myself, I couldn't comprehend what was happening," says Jannes. "I felt I was letting down a beautiful woman who I longed to satisfy but couldn't. I felt like I was failing her and myself, doubting my manhood, and fearing that I might never be able to perform again." Such thoughts, while natural, can be detrimental for men. They create a pressure to perform, leading to further anxiety and building a block that inhibits pleasure. This cycle often spirals into frustration, embarrassment, and isolation. Jannes finds relief in a simple evening routine In his quest for a solution, Jannes stumbled upon CBD in an online forum. He read multiple testimonials from men who reported improved sexual experiences after using cannabis extract. After several successful trials, Jannes shared his secret with his wife, who was pleasantly surprised after trying it herself. "We've created our little pre-intimacy ritual," Jannes grins. "We light candles, unwind with CBD, explore and appreciate each other's bodies. A few minutes later, we make love." Understanding CBD CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another active component of cannabis, CBD doesn't induce a "high." Instead, it aids in relaxation and reducing stress. Incorporating it into your daily routine can improve focus, mitigate stress, and enhance lovemaking. In Germany, it is legal and available as a component in cosmetic products. The impact of CBD on your sex life To enjoy good sex, relaxation is key. But it's a state of mind that eludes many in this fast-paced world, often leading to a sexual slump. Traditional aphrodisiacs or sensual lingerie might not do the trick anymore. It's essential to tackle the root cause, and that's where CBD steps in. Many users report that incorporating cannabis extract into their evening routine helps reduce stress, which subsequently enhances their sexual experiences. Anne-Catherine (37): Unfulfilled sex life In today's hectic world, stress and sleep disturbances are common issues that unfortunately also hinder our sex lives. Anne-Catherine, in a relationship for three years, is all too familiar with this issue: "I adore sex when it's spontaneous, and I can truly savor it. The better the experience, the closer I feel to my partner, and it reduces friction in our day-to-day lives. However, when I'm stressed at work or haven't slept well, I find it impossible to relax. An orgasm is the last thing on my mind." Reignite the spark with attention to the small things A lot of couples could increase their sexual frequency by paying attention to their partner's subtle signals of desire. "Truthfully, in a long-term relationship, sex isn't always a steamy Hollywood scene with clothes being torn off," says Jannes. "It's the minor, intimate gestures like a hand caress or a passionate kiss that show your partner's interest." When the advances are not reciprocated, open communication can help address the issue. Clear conversations prevent misunderstandings and halt the spiral of negative thoughts. Jannes experienced this firsthand: "My wife thought I no longer found her attractive and hence didn't want to be intimate. Through open dialogue, I was able to assuage her fears, making her more relaxed and understanding." What about when stress and negative thoughts persist? "Move from your mind to your body. Start a relaxing evening routine with CBD products. Once the internal tension subsides, you'll find that the passion and pleasure in sex will naturally follow!"

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