Reakiro Premium Quality CBD 25% Infused Gummies, 750mg Vegan & Sugar-Free

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Reakiro Premium Quality CBD 25% Infused Gummies, 750mg Vegan & Sugar-Free

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CBD Gummies are easy and convenient to take CBD gummies offer yet another level of convenience to your CBD-taking routine. Thanks to their form and texture, you can just pop a CBD gummy in your mouth wherever you are at any point of the day. You don’t need to worry about the logistics of using a CBD tincture in public and on the go or locating a class of water to swallow a CBD capsule. You can pop a gummy in your mouth wherever you are and whatever you are doing, all you have to do is chew, enjoy the flavourful experience and then take in the natural therapeutic benefits of CBD in your body. Reakiro’s gummies all come in handy travel-sized bottles which contain 30 gummies. This allows you to carry them on the go wherever you are. You don’t need to worry about washing them down with water, simply place it in your mouth, chew, and enjoy! CBD Gummies are tasty CBD is derived from hemp and most CBD products that are not flavoured will carry a strong and earthy hemp taste. Some people love this flavour, and it makes them feel closer to the natural experience. However, other people really just don’t like this taste, which remains a matter of opinion! But they would still like to benefit from all the natural therapeutic goodness of CBD, and who can blame them. Enter CBD gummy bears. CBD gummies allow people to get all the natural benefits of CBD while enjoying the taste and not having to rush the process. You don’t want to have to be quickly swallowing something to get it over and done with when it should be therapeutic and beneficial. CBD is often taken to restore, recover, and relax - so the experience of taking it should be the exact same. Reakiro’s gummies are infused with full and natural flavours. As a nod to our company colours, all of our CBD gummies products contain two flavours: yellow lemon and green apple. Manage your dosage One question that regularly crops up when people are trying CBD edibles or a new CBD product for the first time is, how strong is it? How potent is it? How big is a serving size? And how much should I take? Particularly when you are trying CBD for the first time, a product like CBD oil can seem like the amounts are difficult to calculate and monitor. Reakiros 25mg CBD gummies are all precisely premeasured to contain exactly 25mg of CBD in each. If you have a lower tolerance for CBD we would suggest first trying our 10mg CBD gummies. However, for those who tend to take a higher amount - 25mg is a good serving size. High quality Although CBD gummies might seem like a more fun or novel product from the outside, they still contain Reakiro’s premium quality CBD extract which has been derived from hemp expertly grown in specifically chosen European fields and innovatively extracted in top of the range facilities. Just because something is fun and enjoyable, it doesn’t mean that it can’t also be good for you! Caution: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is recommended that no more than 70 mg CBD is taken daily from all sources. This product is not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers. Individuals taking medicines or having any medical concerns should consult with a health practitioner prior to use. If any adverse reactions occur or if you feel unwell, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Food supplement must not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Product information: Serving size 1 gummy, Amount CBD per serving 25 mg, Servings per container 30. Less than 0,2% THC, Lab-tested. Recommended daily dose: As a food supplement, take 1 (one) or 2 (two) gummies daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Ingredients: Glucose syrup, Thickener (Gelatin), Acidity regulator (Citric acid), flavourings, Colours (chlorophyll copper complexes, curcumin), Preservative (Potassium sorbate), Hemp Extract derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Rapeseed oil. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. Do not consume if the seal is broken. Each CBD gummie Apple & Lemon 🍏🍋 contains 25mg of CBD and there are no mind-altering effects, only wellness benefits. These tasty and naturally beneficial CBD gummies are the latest addition to Reakiro’s premium quality CBD range. Gummies come in a chewy, candy-like form and they have recently soared in popularity in the CBD world. Infused with lemon and green apple flavouring, Reakiro’s gummies are one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways for you to get your daily dose of CBD.