Reakiro Convenient Broad-Spectrum CBD Orange Vegan Gummies 300mg, 10%

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Reakiro Convenient Broad-Spectrum CBD Orange Vegan Gummies 300mg, 10%

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Reakiro CBD Orange Gummies are vegan and sugar-free Whether you have dietary restrictions or are overall health conscious, it should come as a pleasant surprise to hear that our REAKIRO CBD gummies are vegan and sugar-free. A lot of companies that produce products with a gummy consistency use gelatin to get that effect. Gelatin is an animal byproduct from the cartilage, bones, hooves, or skin of deceased animals. Thus, making the various gummy bears not suitable for vegans. Our Reakiro Vegan Gummies have Pectin as a gelling agent which is completely plant-based - it is extracted from the cell walls of the plant. Not only is our formula vegan, but it is also completely sugar-free! Here at Reakiro, we believe everyone has enough delicious sugary treats tempting them on a daily basis, our gummies should be completely guilt-free! Besides being a great food supplement for those who would prefer to leave out excess sugar from their diets, they are also fully suitable for those with sugar-free medically-related dietary restrictions. Taking CBD is an integral part of some people's daily routines. Hopefully now, with our vegan, sugar-free option, more people can feel safe trying CBD and enjoying its benefits. Reakiro CBD Gummies are stress-free and convenient CBD Gummies allows for the easiest way to consume CBD. With each gummy containing the exact same dosage, you never have to worry about not taking enough CBD or too much. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD. There is no need to worry about how taking CBD in public will look when you are simply popping in a gummy. These gummies are infused with our renowned broad-spectrum CBD formula, meaning that you will benefit from multiple natural compounds in the hemp plant without stressing about consuming THC. Contained in tightly-sealed, travel-sized bottles these gummies make for the perfect on the go CBD intake. Reakiro’s gummies contain 30 different gummy drops so you can be gone for a month and still have your daily dose of CBD. Since they have their natural earthy taste masked with tangy orange, there is no need to worry about washing them down with water or feeling a strange aftertaste in your mouth. Now you can take these tiny treasures and feel the benefits of CBD from anywhere your heart desires. Our CBD Gummies are also available CBD Vegan Gummies Cherry 750mg, CBD Gummies Apple&Lemon 300 mg, CBD Gummies Apple&Lemon 750 mg and CBD Gummies Apple&Lemon 1500 mg. Reakiro CBD Gummies are delicious The earthy hemp taste of CBD is renowned and some die hard CBD takers attribute the taste to their love of CBD. Some people can’t imagine not feeling this natural flavor while taking their daily dose. However, there are those that like the benefits of CBD, but not necessarily the taste that follows it. Thankfully, now we have a solution for those of you! Whether you don’t like how CBD tastes on its own or simply want to elevate the experience, CBD gummies are definitely the next thing to try! In order to fully maximize your CBD therapeutic experience, it is important to enjoy the taste of the product. Swallowing down a capsule with a severe gag reflex or trying to quickly gulp down oil will definitely make the task of taking CBD a lot more difficult. As with any act of self-care, it’s meant to be an enjoyable experience that brightens your day and makes you happier. CBD is often taken to calm nerves, feel at peace, and relax - the process of taking it should be the same. Luckily, these gummy drops are smartly-sweetened with tasty tangy oranges. Let the taste of freshly pressed oranges fill your mouth and act as your daily treat of CBD. Never again will your CBD experience be any less than delightful. Reakiro Gummy Dosage One of the most frequent concerns surrounding CBD is understanding the dosage. How do I know if I am taking the right amount? What if I am not feeling any effect? Well, regarding these gummies it is recommended to follow the instructions of the package. Start by taking one CBD gummy drop a day. However, the effects of CBD are heavily dependent on the profile of the person taking it. If you feel like you are still not experiencing the CBD effects or are already an experienced user, then take two gummy drops a day. Reakiro 10mg Gummies are exactly premeasured to have 10mg of CBD per drop. This allows for accurate intake every time - no matter how tired you may be. If you take these gummies for the month and feel ready to take a higher CBD dosage we recommend trying our 25mg CBD gummies with a lively, flavourful cherry taste. Reakiro CBD Gummies have a story Reakiro’s mission is to share Mother Nature’s restorative and beneficial properties with as many people as possible, and so in return, it is our number one priority to make sure we are respectful and caring for our Earth in the process. In line with our mission, we made it a top priority to create CBD gummies that were fully vegan. Veganism has been shown to be one of the biggest ways to reduce our environmental impact. Research conducted at the University of Oxford discovered that being vegan could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 percent. ( A large majority of gummy products use gelatin which is created with proteins extracted from various parts of the animal including bones and skin. Thus, facilities producing gummies with gelatin are adding to the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions, leading to more devoured land and water. With creativity and innovation at the forefront of our company, Reakiro instead uses pectin as a gelling agent, a carbohydrate called polysaccharide that is found in the skin of fruits and vegetables. Pectin is a completely plant-based, vegan and environmentally-friendly ingredient. With Reakiro’s focus on having a healthy lifestyle, it was only right to make our gummies completely sugar-free. Consuming excess added sugar has been shown to lead to increased heart disease factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, and inflammation. Although consuming added sugar isn’t the end of your “healthy lifestyle,” Reakiro prides itself on only providing customers with products that will bring them benefits without any additional harm. We here at Reakiro believe you should be able to get your daily dose of CBD without worrying whether to choose our gummy or a piece of chocolate for your sugar fix. For those who have medical conditions preventing them from consuming added sugar, you can now rest assured about consuming our CBD gummy bears as they contain no traces of added sugar. High Quality Reakiro’s CBD vegan, sugar-free gummies are made with our renowned broad-spectrum CBD extract and infused with the finest orange flavoring. Reakiro broad-spectrum CBD oil is made from naturally grown hemp across carefully chosen European fields that are free from synthetic chemicals, additives, and other impurities. The hemp is then innovatively extracted at the best of facilities and turned into the loved Reakiro CBD oil. Reakiro CBD gummies are intricately crafted, from their CBD oil to the vegan and sugar substitutes, they are designed to showcase that getting a delicious, convenient and healthy product is possible. Caution: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is recommended that no more than 70 mg CBD is taken daily from all sources. This product is not intended for pregnant or lactating mothers. Individuals taking medicines or having any medical concerns should consult with a health practitioner prior to use. If any adverse reactions occur or if you feel unwell, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Food supplement must not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Product information: Serving size 1 gummy, Amount CBD per serving 10mg, Servings per container 30, <0,2% THC, Lab-tested. Recommended daily dose: As a food supplement, take 1 (one) or 2 (two) gummies daily or as directed by a healthcare provider. Ingredients: Maltitol & Sorbitol (sweeteners), Water, Pectin (gelling agent), Citric Acid (acid), Hemp Extract derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Trisodium Citrate (acidity regulator), Vegetable oil (coconut and palm oil), Paprika Extract (colour), Orange Flavoring, Carnauba Wax (anticaking agent). Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. Do not consume if the seal is broken. CBD gummies have taken the world by storm...and it is no wonder why. These deliciously convenient broad-spectrum gummies elevate the daily CBD experience by providing a lovely taste and precise dosage. These vegan and sugar free gummies are the newest addition to our wide Reakiro CBD range. Having a light orange flavoring, these gummies allow for the most tasty and fun way to consume CBD.