Premium Hemp Oil Capsules - 30 pcs soft gel - 1000 mg CBD

Brand: Enecta

New natural food supplement obtain from Organic Hemp Made from 100% Natural Hemp Grown in Europe Energized and improve Your quality of life Daily activities and pleasure joy of living Each capsule contains antioxidants Keep out of reach of children CANGETME recommend


Premium Hemp Oil Capsules - 30 pcs soft gel - 1000 mg CBD

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CBD softgel capsules, easy to consume, practical to take with you and ever closer to the environment. From today, thanks to your feedback, the CBD Enecta softgel capsules are sold in the new blister pack, which, compared to the previous packaging, guarantees greater functionality and hygiene Enecta capsules are the ideal choice if you are looking for a safe, effective, and practical CBD product to take with you and use freely, at any time of the day. The CBD oil contained in the capsules is actually protected by a soft membrane that avoids liquid leakage, thus avoiding unnecessary product waste, while at the same time offering the convenience of a capsule that can be easily transported, without clutter. The new packaging, created thanks to the feedback from customers like you, hosts the capsules separately, so as to also ensure greater hygiene. Each packaging contains two blister packs with 15 capsules each, for a total of 30 capsules and a CBD percentage of 10% (1000 mg). Ingredients of Cannabidiol Softgel Capsules 1000mg explained: Active ingredient and carrier oil: The active ingredient of our softgel capsules is the cannabinoid CBD. We extract it from certified, organically grown hemp plants and process it into a concentrated hemp extract without unnecessary intermediate steps. As a carrier substance, we rely on pure hemp seed oil/hemp oil, which is also 100% organic. Vitamin E: Natural tocopherol is popularly known as "natural vitamin E". This is a natural component of hemp seed oil and also has a positive influence on the body. It is said to play an important role in cell protection and protect the body from the harmful effects of oxygen compounds (antioxidant effect). Oxidative stress is more likely to occur with excessive stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and also sleep disorders. A physiological imbalance is the result. Composition of the capsule: To ensure that the active ingredients remain in the practical capsules, we rely on a proven mixture of water, gelatine, and glycerol, which is resistant and safe. All our CBD products are gluten-free, and we're currently working on a CBD softgel capsule that does not contain gelatine and is, therefore, vegan.

Why buy Enecta CBD Capsules Easy to use even in case of mobility and/or sight problems or other difficulties in dosing CBD oil from a bottle with a dispenser. Tasteless and odorless. No waste, nor "overdosages" Safe and effective, laboratory tested and certified. Made in Italy Closer to the environment thanks to packaging made with 30% of Post fibers Consumer and with 70% of pure virgin cellulose fibers ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free), coming from responsibly managed sources. Ingredients (1000 mg package, 10 ml) Inside the capsule: Hemp seed oil, Cannabidiol, Natural tocopherols (E306) Capsule shell: Water, edible gelatin, Glycerol (E422) Each capsule contains approximately 33.6 mg of CBD. Net weight of the content of each capsule: 336 mg CBD softgel Capsules ingredients Enecta's CBD softgel capsules provide you with the best nature offers. All our CBD products are made from home-grown hemp, regularly tested, and meet the highest standards. That's why enecta makes no secret of the composition or content of the CBD softgel capsules: What do the capsules contain? Hemp seed oil (also: hemp oil), cannabidiol (CBD), natural tocopherols (E306). What are they made of? Water, gelatine, glycerol (E422)One capsule contains 33.6 mg of pure cannabidiol and weighs 336 mg, which means 10% CBD!