A laboratory in Kent uncovers illegal substances in a 'majority' of tested CBD products

A laboratory in Kent uncovers illegal substances in a 'majority' of tested CBD products

A laboratory in Kent uncovers illegal substances in a 'majority' of tested CBD products The majority of CBD products tested contained illicit substances, according to an investigation by a council-run laboratory. Kent Scientific Services (KSS), a lab managed by the Kent County Council, conducted these tests for multiple local authorities. Out of 61 samples, 44 (about 72%) were found to contain one or more psychoactive components of cannabis. The head of KSS, Mark Rolfe, highlighted the danger stating, "People are unaware of what they are ingesting." One particular product was scrutinized after a consumer failed a workplace drug test despite claiming to have "never used drugs." "The substance causing the failed test was discovered in the product," said Rolfe. Novel food Simultaneously, several samples had "significantly less" CBD than what was stated on the packaging. In contrast, two other products didn't advertise containing CBD, but testing revealed its presence. CBD, in contrast to THC and other compounds in cannabis, is legal and classified as a novel food. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is currently evaluating its safety. Around 6,000 CBD products are being sold in the UK, with the FSA's final approval still pending. "This survey emphasizes the importance of our ongoing efforts to regulate this expanding industry," said Linden Jack, deputy director of the FSA. "We've requested the complete set of sample results to work alongside local authorities in ensuring that non-compliant CBD products are pulled from the shelves." Jon Griffin, a KSS public analyst who headed the testing, noted, "CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. It's suggested to have benefits such as reducing anxiety, aiding with sleep, and managing pain. CBD on its own is not an illegal controlled substance." The tested products included items under the FSA list like food, alongside non-listed products like cosmetics and vapes. The products ranged from CBD oil, gummy bears, cookies, and CBD drinks, to vapes, muscle balm, and even cola chunks and marmalade. A spokesperson from the Home Office warned, "People could be committing various offences, including possession and supply of a controlled substance, if they use CBD products containing controlled substances like THC."

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